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OJSC Aviakor (Russian: Авиако́р) is an aviation plant located in Samara. It is part of the Russian machines holding under control of the financial industrial group Basic Element owned by Oleg Deripaska. In USSR Kuibyshev aviation plant (№18) was one of the five largest plants in the aviation industry. For more than half a century the plant produced Tupolev, Antonov and Ilyushin-designed aircraft. During World War II the factory produced 15,099 Ilyushin Il-2s.

Aviakor constructs, repairs, maintenances, and supplies spare parts for passenger aircraft the Antonov An-140 and Tupolev Tu-154. Launch of An-140 serial production on Aviakor reinforced the creation of the "International Aircraft project-140"(Russian: Международный авиационный проект-140) in collaboration with Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC). The joint enterprise was founded on 15 September 2003 upon mutual agreement of Konstantin Titov, Governor of Samara region, and Pavel Naumenko, General Director of KSAMC[1]

The company owns Bezymyanka Airport.