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Aviapolis is a business, retail, entertainment and housing marketing brand area in Central Vantaa, Finland covering 42 square kilometers including the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.


Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Currently Aviapolis is referenced as the most popular business site in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area surpassing even the Helsinki City center.[1] Businesses already located at Aviapolis include Technopolis [1] Technology Park and Airport Plaza Business Park. Work in progress include, for example, the construction of the new World Trade Center located in the heart of the Airport district.


Having Finland's largest airport, Helsinki Airport, located in the Aviapolis the international connections are broad, boasting also the shortest flying distance from EU to many Asian destinations.[2]

The Ring Road III going through the Aviapolis area connects it with all main highways in and out of Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Several bus lines connect the airport both to many Finnish cities as well as to many suburbs in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

The initial planning has started for the construction of Ring Rail Line which would link the Aviapolis area and the airport to the main railway line, Helsinki and suburbs of Western Vantaa.


Jumbo Shopping Centre

In the center of the Aviapolis area is the Jumbo Shopping Centre which is Finland's second largest shopping centre, with an adjacent entertainment centre Flamingo that began operating in 2008.


Kartanonkoski Housing District

The Aviapolis area includes, among others, the Kartanonkoski housing district which houses International School of Vantaa. The Helsinki Central Park is situated nearby.


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