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Avid Matador setup with SGI Octane and WACOM graphics tablet

Avid Matador was a paint application by Avid Technology targeted at the television and film markets. It ran on Silicon Graphics workstations. The main features were paint, mask creation/rotoscoping, animation and stabilization/tracking. Matador was used on several films, such as Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump and The Mask.


Release history[edit]

Version Hardware O/S Release date Price Significant changes (selected)
Matador 7.0  ? IRIX September 12, 1996  ?
  • New painting tools
  • Enhanced handling of shapes and text
  • Support for additional file formats
  • Unlimited paint layers within the animation module
Matador 7.55  ? IRIX December 6, 1999 $10,000  ?

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