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Aviesa S.A de C.V is an air operator services of Mexico.[1][2] Its services are FBO, ACMI, handling, aircraft lease and sale, air taxi, VIP charters, aircraft management, air ambulance, cargo, aircraft repair and support for commercial and private aviation. Founded in 1986 by Grupo Hermanos Abed (GHA), the airline was grounded in 1994 after of the GHA demise. The airline was re-born the next year as an independent entity and in 2002 was acquired by Asclepiodoto Abed, the former director of GHA and was under their control until 2008 October, when Abed was died (presumably by a SCLC):after of Abed died, Aviesa was converted in a 100% individual company. Aviesa operations base is located in Toluca Airport.[3]


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