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Avigdor Dahari (Hebrew: אביגדור דהרי‎; 31 January 1950 - 30 November 1989), was a founder of Gush Katif, the first civilian who was murdered in Israel in construction vehicle attack and the first space of Gush Katif.


Dahari was born and raised in Tel Aviv up to age 14, and then moved to Kibbutz Galil Yam. Avigdor enlisted to IDF and served in Military Police, bread in Yom Kippur War in Suez Canal. After the war turned in the direction of religious studies integrated way of life vegetarian and vegan Z.

After his marriage to Sylvia joined the seats of the verb eastern and he joined settling of the seat Katif.

After several years of work are not easy flower greenhouses and various tumors, established a buffet next to axis longing, which was at that time the only access road to Gush Katif.

On November 30, 1989, after completing his work, a soldier asked him to prepare him a meal. Dahari did not hesitate and gladly accepted. He crossed the street on his way back to the buffet, when suddenly emerged from a car driven on - by an Arab resident of Nuseirat refugee camp and ran over him and the soldier next to him. Dahari shot in the head, and killed instantly.

The same road that runs between Deir al-Balah to Khan Yunis, was used as the main objective for attacks over the years and killed him quite a few Israelis. The worst shooting incident was a murder oriented Tali Hatuel and four daughters.

His family[edit]

He was 39. Leaving his wife, Sylvia Dahari and six children.

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