Avisa Nordland

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Avisa Nordland
Avisa nordland.png
Central Atrium building in Bodø 2013.jpg
Headquarters of Avisa Nordland in Bodø
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) A-Pressen ASA(62.0%) and Harstad Tidende Gruppen AS(38.0%)
Editor Jan-Eirik Hanssen
Founded 2002
Political alignment neutral
Language Norwegian
Headquarters Bodø, Norway
Official website www.an.no

Avisa Nordland is a newspaper published in Bodø, Norway. It was established through a controversial merger of the two competing newspapers Nordlandsposten and Nordlands Framtid. In 2006, it had a circulation of about 24700 copies.[1]

The paper has its headquarters in central Bodø, and until 2013 occupied most of the bank Nordlandsbankens former premises. In addition it has offices in Nordland small towns Fauske, Oppeid and Ørnes.

Former (in use until autumn 2013) headquarters of Avisa Nordland in Bodø

In 2013, the newspaper moved its headquarters to a new office building in Bodø called Central Atrium.[2]

Printing of Avisa Nordland takes place in a brand new building in Olav V street in Bodø, fitted with the latest technology in paper production.


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