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Aviv Bushinsky (born April 13, 1967) is a journalist, manager, businessman and university lecturer in Communications. He was the head of Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C., as well as Chairman of the Israel Chess Federation.


Bushinsky is the son of Jay Bushinsky, a journalist and foreign correspondent for Israel (one of the founders of CNN). He grew up in Savion and studied in Yehud High School, serving in the IDF as an officer in the Air force, ranked major. Following his release from the army, he earned his BA in political science and international relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Master’s degree in public policy from Bar Ilan University. He worked as a reporter for “Kol Israel” and “Galatz”, Israeli and IDF radio. He worked as a spokesperson for Benjamin Netanyahu, later working in business. He is currently the representative of Keren Heseg (Heseg Foundation) in Israel.


In 1991 during the Gulf War, Aviv began as an assistant to Moshe Nussbaum at the "Kol Israel" (Israeli Radio). Following Nussbaum's move to Channel 2 News, Bushinsky began working as a radio crime reporter. He worked in this field for seven years.

In 1997 television reporter Ayala Hasson from Channel 1 News, revealed the “Bar-On Chevron Case”. The case involved suspicion of conspiracy made between Netanyahu and the Shas Party to assign Roni Bar-On as legal advisory to the government, in efforts to soften the plea bargain in Arieh Deri’s trial.

In his reports on the radio, Bushinsky tended to minimize the value of the story, at one point he reported that there would not be indictments filed in the “Bar-On Chevron” Case (no indictments were filed). This angered the CEO of the broadcasting agency.

Motti Kirshenbaum (supervisor of Hassan and Bushinsky) quoted "the reports of Bushinsky are a chapter that the radio is not proud of."

Bushinsky answered his critics that he reported truthfully and that it was painful.

Bushinsky left "Kol Israel" after receiving an offer to work as a political reporter for "Galatz" (IDF Radio).


In 1998 Bushinsky was appointed as media advisor for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Bushinsky was criticized for his immediate transition from political reporter to political figure, with accusations that he gained the position from his “trendy” reporting and coverage.

As spokesman for the Prime Minister he dealt with public opinion and media representation of Netanyahu, including image degradation and gossip about his wife Sarah. Bushinsky served in full capacity until Netayahu's party failure in elections in 1999 to Ehud Barak. He continued to work with Netanyahu following Netanyahu's retirement from political life, for a short period, working also in business consulting and public relations.

Between 2003-2004 he served as Chief of Staff for the Minister of Finance, Benjamin Netanyahu during Ariel Sharon’s second term.

Business career[edit]

Following his retirement from his work in politics, he began to represent Canadian investors in Israel, particularly businessman Gerry Schwartz. He founded the company "High End Ventures Ltd" a company engaged in investments and investment balance. He made the connection between the Canadian West Can group and Eli Azur group in transactions to purchase the Jerusalem Post.

In 2006 he joined “LifeWave” a startup company that deals with producing and marketing of medical equipment, becoming the company’s Chairman.[1] In December 2006, in an unusual step, he issued the company in the financial district of Tel Aviv, without managing underwriters. In April 2007, the company’s name headlined in the financial magazines, in the context of running stocks.

In the beginning of the trading, even before transactions were made, the stock market jumped 900% within four months, and in two days dropped in 70%. The Israeli Security Authority (ISA) requested clarification from the company. In August 2007 he resigned from his position as the Chairman of “LifeWave” following moves by shareholders to oust him.[2]

Sport Activities[edit]

Bushinsky was a chess player throughout his childhood. In July 2005, he was chosen as the Chairman of the Israel Chess Federation. Aviv’s brother, Shai, is one of the developers of “Deep Junior”, chess software. The software won seven times in the World Championships for Computer Software. Through his adolescence, Bushinsky was junior champion of table tennis tournaments. He holds the title of “Jerusalem Champion in Squash”.

His sister, Dalia Bushinsky, was the trainer for Macabbi Ashdod in women’s basketball.

In late 2007, Bushinsky represented the billionaire Alex Schneider in negotiations to purchase the soccer team Maccabi Tel Aviv from Luni Hertzikovich. In January 2008, he was assigned to the Chairman of Maccabi Tel Aviv Soccer Club.

In 2010, Bushinsky brought the Canadian millionaire, Mitchel Goldheir to purchase the club from Schneider. Shortly after he resigned from his position as the Chairman of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Soccer Club.


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