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Avokaya man with bow and spear

Avukaya is an ethnic group of South Sudan. Some members of this ethnic have fled to the Democratic Republic of Congo due to persecution. About 50,000 members of this ethnic group live in South Sudan. Many members of this ethnic group belong to the Christian minority of South Sudan. The Avukaya traditionally live in a rain-forest area in Equatoria close to the Democratic Republic of Congo in Southern Sudan.

Historically, the Avokaya people are originally in Maridi town, Mambe, Bahr-Olo, Amaki. Besides Maridi, the Avukaya people are found in Tore Payam of Yei river County, Yei town, Bangolo Payam in Mundri County and other towns of the Sudan too. The Avokaya are the group of ethnic tribes that combined with the Moru on the mountains to put an end to the King Gbudwe of the Azande invasion of their territory. They are known of good dance called Mamburuku and socialisation with other tribes. Many speak languages in addition to Avokaya.

The Avukaya commonly enjoy Pirinda with Nyasa (food made of sorghum or millet or cassava flour). They also like some wild fruits (Omi, Kaniki, etc.) and yams.

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