Berlin Motor Show

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Avus Automobile Akzente
Bundesarchiv Bild 102-11244, Berlin, Eröffnung der Automobilausstellung.jpg
Berlin Motor Show 1931
Status Inactive
Genre Motor show
Venue Messe Berlin
Location(s) Berlin, Germany
Country Germany
Inaugurated 1897-1939 (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung)
1978–2000 (Avus Automobile Akzente)
Most recent 2000 (2002 planned, but cancelled)

The Berlin Motor Show originally started in 1897 as the home of the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (International Motor Show), and ran until 1939. The IAA eventually became established in Frankfurt.

The new Berlin Motor Show, or Avus Automobile Akzente (AAA) was established in 1978. The last show was in 2000, with the 2002 show cancelled four months prior to the expected 2002 exhibition.


The Tatra T77 being shown to Adolf Hitler at the Berlin Motor show 8 March 1934

The first IAA was held at the Hotel Bristol in Berlin in 1897, and became an annual event, with two shows a year held in 1905, 1906 and 1907. With a pause after World War I, the show returned to Berlin in 1921 with sixty-seven automobile manufacturers present. In 1931 a total of 295,000 visitors were recorded. For the first time exhibition included front-wheel drive vehicles. The last IAA in Berlin before the outbreak of World War II was held in 1939, and was attended by 825,000 visitors.[1] The new “Volkswagen” was presented for the first time.


The 2000 show was the last Berlin Motor Show, with over 200,000 visitors.[2]


In 1998, the AAA was held at the Berlin exposition area between October 17 and 25.[4]