Awakening (Angel)

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Angel episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 10
Directed by James A. Contner
Written by David Fury
Steven S. DeKnight
Production code 4ADH10
Original air date January 29, 2003
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Long Day's Journey"
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"Awakening" is episode 10 of season 4 in the television show Angel.

Plot synopsis[edit]

In an attempt to locate the Beast and restore the sun to Los Angeles, Wesley brings in a dark mystic, named Wo-Pang, to extract Angel’s soul and release the evil Angelus who apparently knew the Beast centuries before and who may know how to kill it. The gang build a large cage in the basement where they tie Angel down and Wo-Pang creates an illusion reality though this isn't revealed until the end of the episode.

In Angel's alternate reality, Wo-Pang betrays the gang by attempting to kill Angel. Cordelia has a vision that shows the location of a sword that can kill the Beast - which is conveniently below Los Angeles. Angel, Cordelia, Connor and Wesley venture to a subterranean tunnel filled with lethal trip-wire devices where Angel acquires the sword. In the tunnels, Cordelia and Angel confess their feelings for one another. Witness to the exchange, Connor initially is hurt, but eventually gives them his blessings.

Back at the hotel, the Beast attacks the group where with the sword, Angel kills the Beast. With the death of the Beast, the sun is restored. Against better judgement, Cordelia and Angel have sex causing Angel to experience a moment of perfect happiness. However, before he loses his soul, he says the name "Buffy" instead of Cordelia. Thereby raising the question of who he actually saw Cordelia as; herself, or Buffy. As a result, he loses his soul and thus the spell is broken.

Back in reality, the spell has had its intended effect. Angelus is back; Angel's soul is trapped in a glass container.

Production details[edit]

Arc significance[edit]

  • Angel voluntarily gives up his soul and reverts to Angelus. He remains as such for the next several episodes.

Cultural References[edit]

  • The group's adventure under the city bears many resemblances to scenes from the Indiana Jones saga, most obviously in Angel's utterance of "Wood. Why'd it have to be wood?"


  • This is the first true present-day appearance of Angelus since "Becoming", in season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Angel had temporarily taken on the behavior of Angelus briefly during "Eternity", due to a drug-enhanced delusion of happiness, and had played the part of Angelus convincingly in "Enemies" in an orchestrated attempt to convince Faith that Angel had turned on Buffy. Other than Cordelia (and Wesley, if the incident from "Eternity" is considered), this is the first encounter any of the gang has had with Angelus' former self.
  • After having an illusion of sex with Cordelia in the false reality created by Wo-Pang, Angel frantically whispers "Buffy", alluding to the first time he lost his soul in "Surprise".
  • This episode marks the second time a mystic is called upon to remove Angel's restored soul, the first (unsuccessful) attempt being "Enemies" from season three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In both episodes the two mystics are dressed in similar robes.

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