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Axe logo
Axe products from 2006 and earlier
Product type Men's grooming products
Owner Unilever
Country France
Introduced 1983
Related brands Dove
Markets Worldwide

Axe (also known as Lynx in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand) is a brand of male grooming products, owned by the BritishDutch company Unilever and marketed towards the young male demographic.


Axe was launched in France in 1983 by Unilever. It was inspired by another of Unilever's brands, Impulse.[citation needed]

Unilever were keen to capitalize on Axe's French success and the rest of Europe from 1985 onwards, later introducing the other products in the range. Unilever were unable to use the name Axe in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand due to trademark problems so it was launched as Lynx.[1]

The European launch of the deodorant was followed by success in Latin America and moderate impact in Asia and Africa. In the new millennium, the brand has launched with great success in the United States and Canada. The company has also consolidated its deodorant portfolio by migrating other overlapping male deodorants into the Lynx brand such as South Africa's Ego brand.[citation needed]

In January 2012, Unilever launched its first Axe/Lynx product for women in the United Kingdom as part of a global expansion of the previously men’s-only brand.[2] The Line of products is named "Axe/Lynx Anarchy".[3]


Line of Axe products

Although Axe's lead product is the fragranced aerosol deodorant body spray, other formats of the brand exist. Within underarm care the following are available: deodorant aerosol body spray, deodorant stick, deodorant roll-on, anti-perspirant aerosol spray (called Axe Dry), and anti-perspirant stick (also called Axe Dry).

From its launch, the annual fragrance variant has played a key part in the success of the brand by offering something new each year. The type of fragrance variants have evolved over time. From 1983 until about 1989, the variant names were descriptions of the fragrances and included Musk, Spice, Amber, Marine, and Oriental.[citation needed]

From 1990 until 1996, geographic names for fragrances were used, such as Africa, Alaska, Java, Nevada, and Inca. From 1996 to 2002, Axe took inspiration from Calvin Klein fragrances (also owned by Unilever at that time), using the same fragrance consultant, Ann Gottlieb, to develop the scents to launch variants, such as Dimension, Apollo, Dark Temptation, Gravity, and Phoenix.[citation needed].

In 2009, the brand launched an 8-centimeter container called the Axe Bullet.[4] The brand has also extended into other areas such as shower gels, aftershaves, and colognes, skin care, shampoo, and hairstyling products. Failed extensions include Underwear, Barbershop[5] and razors. Razors, facial hair styling products, and shaving cream are now sold again as of late 2012 and early 2013.

Most scent names usually have a shower gel to accompany them and sometimes an antiperspirant/deodorant stick and an aftershave lotion.[citation needed]

The 2009 frame has a mint scent.[citation needed]

The Axe Shampoos come in three different sizes, the regular and most seen 12 fl oz size and the travel or sample size of 1.7 fl oz, 22oz bottles were introduced recently.

Axe also ships a shower scrub tool called the Axe Detailer.

List of Axe deodorants[edit]

AXE's list of yearly body-spray variants is as follows. Limited edition or short-lived variants are listed in a following table below and others.

{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed"

|- ! Year ! Variant Name ! Description ! Notes ! Year of Discontinuation |- !1983 |Amber,[6] or Ambre, or Sandal,[7] or Magic Amber or Epice. |Variant name is a description of fragrance. |One of the first three variants that Axe launched, first in France. Discontinued | Unknown |- !1983 |Musk,[8] or Brave,[7] or Moschus, or Wild Musk. |Variant name is a description of fragrance. |One of the first three variants that Axe launched, first in France. Available in Germany. | Present |- !1983 |Spice[9] or Agrest or Boise,[7] or Blue Chypre or Fraiche. |Variant name is a description of fragrance. |One of the first three variants that Axe launched, first in France. | |- !1985 |Amber, Musk (Moschus in Germany), Spice |Variant name is a description of fragrance. |In this year, these three variants were used to launch the brand in the UK.[1] Musk is still available in Argentina, Brazil, France, and Germany | Possibly late 90s |- !1987 |Oriental[10] or Orient or Dark Oriental |Variant name is a description of fragrance. |This was the first "new" variant that Axe launched and started a strategy of a yearly new variants.[citation needed]. Discontinued | Possibly late 90s |- !1989 |Marine[11] |Variant name is a description of fragrance. |As of 2013, still available in the Netherlands, Austria, France, Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and CENTCOM AAFES stores that stock from Europe. | Possibly late 90s |- !1990 |Java [12] |Variant named after the island in Indonesia. |Discontinued | Possibly 2002 |- !1991 |Alaska [13] |Variant named after the state in the United States. Known as Tempest in South America. |Discontinued - still available in Germany, Rebranded 2012 in UK as Night | Possibly 2002 |- !1992 |Nevada [14] |Variant named after the state in the United States. |Discontinued | Possibly 2002 |- !1993 |Tempest [15] | |Discontinued | Possibly late 90s |- !1994 |Mirage [16] | |Discontinued |Possibly late 90s |- !1995 |Africa or African Amber or Native [17] |Variant named after the continent. |The most popular variant of Axe, marketed as Kilo in North America and Native in Brazil. Africa is the most popular variant in the UK and has been for 16 years. |Present |- !1996 |Inca or Aztec [18] |A warm spicy fragrance named after the Inca civilization. |Discontinued | 2002 |- !1997 |Atlantis or Energy [19] | | Still available in some countries | 2004 |- !1998 |Apollo[20] | |Discontinued- Relaunched in UK 2013 | 2004 |- !1998 |Eclypse | Variant released only in South America. |Discontinued | 2004 |- !1999 |Voodoo[21] | |Limited edition version released in the UK to cover the "Voodoo Eclipse" Dance Event marking the solar eclipse in 1999. |Present |- !1999 |Hypnotic[22] | |The commercial asked if you believe in hypnosis, which was the effect of this axe scent. |2008 |- !2000 |Phoenix[23] | |Limited edition version released to cover the "Phoenix Legends" Dance Event in Ibiza, Spain in 2000. |Present |- !2000 |Adrenalin or Accelerate or Orion |Not available as a shower gel. |Still available in some countries. |Present |- !2001 |Gravity[24] | |The advertising featured a man falling to Earth. |Present |- !2002 |Dimension[25] |Also called Enygmata in some countries. | |Present |- !2002 |Apollo, Kilo, Phoenix, Tsunami or Maniac, Voodoo |Axe launched in U.S.[1] |This is the line up that Axe launched within U.S. |n/a |- !2003 |Pulse |A European variant suggests that it gives geeks added confidence so they can pull off crazy dance moves to impress girls and be irresistible. |Used the "Make Luv" dance track which reached number 1 in UK. Still available in some countries. |2008 |- !2003 |Essence or Fusion |A US variant |Used TV advertising that showed two sides to a man's relationship with women, also called Fusion in some countries. |Present |- !2003 |Conviction |Join the world of conviction. Join the world of conquest. Because if you have conviction, no woman can say no. No woman who can turn her face. Because women like men safe. Unite to this world. |Used TV advertising that showed many men who are successful with women. At the end of the advertising there are thousands of men holding Axe Conviction and singing in a choir by a statue of a man also holding Axe Conviction. |Present |- !2004 |Denim | |Released In India as shaving cream, deodorant and aftershave. |2008 |- !2004 |Touch |A red blood color. |The TV advert features women getting more and more turned on[26] |2008 |- !2005 |Unlimited |A light blue color. |Mimics the Chinese kung fu film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.[27] |2007 |- !2006 |Click or Clix |Also called score in some countries. |This variant is portrayed as making men so attractive to women they will need a clicker to keep score of the number of women who check them out. Uses Nick Lachey in the advertising who is out-scored by a hotel worker who wears Clix. Axe gave away free clickers to promote the scent. The Lynx version uses Ben Affleck in the advertising instead of Nick Lachey.[28] |Present |- !2007 |Vice |Advertising implies that it will turn "nice girls naughty" thanks to the forbidden fruits in the fragrance. The Latin phrase virgo in flagrante delicto is printed in mirrored text on the spray, body wash, and deodorant stick. |Uses a Morgan Freeman lookalike in the advertising that mimics the style of a crime film. Still available in some countries. |2010 |- !2008 |Dark Temptation |A chocolate-smelling fragrance; advertising implies that because women like chocolate, they will find men who smell of chocolate irresistible |Advertising features a man who turns into chocolate when he sprays himself with Axe. He then goes on to be eaten by a series of women.[29] |Present |- !2009 |Instinct |The scent includes cardamom, amber, and atlas cedar to produce a spicy scent of leather. |The advertising campaign features a caveman who sprays the fragrance on himself and becomes irresistible to women. The tag line is "No one can resist a man in leather." |Present (UK: 2011) |- !2009 |Wild Spice |Spice fragrance. |Not available as a shower gel yet. |Present |- !2010 |Twist (TWIƧT) or Shift |Has a Citrus scent. |Spelled with a backwards S. |Present |- !2010 |Music Star (Music in United States) |Has 'rock and roll' style fragrances. |Black, white and red can with guitar motif. Also the logo is changed for this fragrance only. |Present. |- !2010 |Rise or Rise Up |Yellow bottle with blue splats and gray streaks. |Designed to wake guys up with exhilarating citrus extract helping to stimulate the senses and jump start the mind and body. |Present. |- !2010 |Cool Metal |Blue and silver metallic bottle. |Designed to cool you down and make you feel ready for anything. |Present. |- !2011 |Provoke or Excite or Provocation |The bottle is dark and violet with tribal tattoo |Initially released in the Dark Temptation gift set, but now as a lone product. |Present. |- !2012 |Attract or Anarchy |Attract for him deodorant in a blue bottle |Designed to attract women and cause chaos in the process. |Present. |- !2012 |Young |Green bottle |Designed ?. |Discontinued. |- !2012 |Mature |Red bottle |Designed ?. |Discontinued. |- !2012 |Excite |Pink bottle |Designed ?. |Present. |- !2012 |Axe Anarchy for her |White bottle with pink details |This is the first product for woman of the Company. |Present |- !2013 |Apollo |Green bottle |This relaunched version has a fresher fragrance compared to the original. |Present. |- !2013 |Deep Space |Similar can to "Apollo". |Possible variant or Limited Edition of "Apollo". |2013. |- !2013 |Black Chill |Black and silver bottle |Body spray has never been advertised. |Present. |- !2013 |Peace |Bottle with "peace" sign |Make love, not war |Present. |- !2013 |Harmony |Teal colored bottle with a peace sign |Launched alongside of "Peace". |Present. |}

Axe Limited Edition chronology[edit]

Axe also launches limited edition variants from time to time that may be on sale for a few months or over a year.[citation needed]

Axe shower gels[edit]

Axe shampoos[edit]

Axe hair stylers[edit]


From 2003, Axe advertisements portrayed various ways the products supposedly helped men attract women. In 2004, the advertising in the UK for the Pulse fragrance showed how it supposedly gave geeky men the confidence to dance to get women. In 2005, Consumer Expert Dr. Vince Wong, CEO of Insights Interactive, was hired to help explore cross cultural behavioral motivations of their young male adult consumers. This fed into development of the brand globally, resulting in award winning global communication campaigns.[2]. This was followed by Touch, Unlimited,[27] Clix,[28] and in 2007, Vice[28] was marketed on a theme of making "nice" women become "naughty". Dating coach Josh Pellicer (The Tao Of Badass) served as a consultant for the advertisements.[citation needed]

PR controversies[edit]

Adverse publicity has been generated by the product's advertisements for encouraging sexual promiscuity and sexism.[35] The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood claimed that Bartle Bogle Hegarty's work on Axe "epitomizes the sexist and degrading marketing that can undermine girls' healthy development."[36]

On January 12, 2008 12 year old Daniel Hurley from Derbyshire, England died in a hospital five days after collapsing at his home. The medical coroner ruled that he had suffered from cardiac arrhythmia and died from heart failure as a result of spraying large amounts of Lynx in a confined space.[37][38] Videos on social networking sites depicted teens lighting themselves on fire. The trend resulted in multiple injuries.[39] After these incidents occurred, the company created two ads, one against the use of Axe as an inhalant, and the other warning of its flammability.[40]


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