Axel Schoenert Architectes Associes

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Axel Schoenert architectes
Industry Architecture, interior design, furniture design
Founded 1999 (1999)
Founder Axel Schoenert
Headquarters Paris, France
Area served
Europe, Middle East
Key people
Axel Schoenert (Founder, Director), Zsofia Varnagy (Associate, Senior Interior Designer)
Services Architectural projects, interior design, project management, quantity surveying, building analysis services

Axel Schoenert architectes is an architecture agency founded in 1999 by Axel Schoenert, German architect and designer. Agency designs include the Art Museum in Erfurt, Germany, the Gabriel Detox Hotel in Paris, France, Le Melt Spa in Dubai, UAE, and private villas in Ibiza, Spain.

The headquarters of the agency is in Paris, France. Most projects are located in Europe and the Middle East.

Axel Shoenert architectes works with private and public sectors and specializes in architectural projects, interior design, project management, quantity surveying and building analysis services.[1]

Concept and services[edit]

The services of Axel Schoenert architectes within a project include conceptualization, architectural works and construction, interior design and furniture design.


The concept of Axel Schoenert architectes implies keeping the existing facades of the buildings while providing modern interiors.[2][1][3]

New buildings[edit]

For new building construction, as opposed to renovations, AS architectes uses alternative energy solutions, constructing low energy buildings.


The founder and Director of AS architectes is Axel Schoenert, a German DPLG architect and designer. Zsofia Varnagy is the associate and senior Interior Designer. The personnel of Axel Schoenert architectes''''Bold text' mostly consist of architects and designers from Western and Eastern Europe.

Projects and competitions[edit]

The major part of Axel Schonert architectes's projects take place in Europe (mainly France, Germany, Spain) and the Middle East.

AS architectes participates in national and international bid competitions. Among them is an international competition dedicated to extend the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg, Germany.

Some projects of AS architectes:

Type Project Location Area (m2) Year Client
Architecture YBRY Neuilly sur Seine (France) 14,300 In progress Ernst & Young
Architecture Elbphilarmonie theatre Hamburg (Germany) 12,000 In progress Stage Entertainment
Architecture Proton Therapy Center Marbella (Spain) 15,000 In progress Hekaton
Architecture Paris Eight Paris (France) 18,000 2009 MEAG
Architecture Gabriel Detox Hotel Paris (France) 2,000 2009 Hotel Plessis S.A.
Architecture Spa Le Melt Dubai (UAE) 500 2008 Private
Architecture Art Museum Erfurt (Germany) 40,000 2005 Krakenhaus st J. Nepomuk
Interior Design Elysee Secret Hotel Paris (France) 600 2011 Book Inn
Interior Design Cantine 105 Paris (France) 900 2003 Private
Design Golya Paris (France) - 1998 -
Design Happy 61! Paris (France) - 2012 -


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