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Type Student-run non-profit technical event
Founded 2003
Place Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
Institute VNIT, Nagpur
Slogan challenge conventions

AXIS is a national-level technical festival held at the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology in Nagpur, India. One of the largest technical festivals in India, and the largest in central India, the festival is organized annually at the end of September or start of October. Events at the festival cover all the branches of engineering which test the basic understanding of students in the technical aspects that they learn in college and school. AXIS also has events which strive to solve the social problems faced by the overwhelming number of financially deprived children and youth in the vicinity of Nagpur.The fest has acclaimed much praise and appreciations in recent years for its influence and reach to the different strata of the Indian population.

Axis was first organized in 2004 after merging the two traditionally held technical festivals - the IEEE Expressions and Odyssey. Now it has gone on to become a large technical festival in central India with a combined participation of more than 15,000 participants from all parts of the country.

AXIS 14 had its inaugural address by Former President of India and Scientist Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

Structure and Organisation[edit]

Axis is an entirely student-organized fest organised by the students of VNIT. At the helm is a team of 13 Core Committee members. This team is horizontal and no hierarchy is maintained within. The Core Committee is responsible for the AXIS as a whole as they manage the finances, publicity, logistics among other things whereas the event managers manage their respective events that are assigned to them by the core committee. AXIS also has the backing of a very active alumni association at VNIT with the alumni of the college assisting the coordinators in various aspects of the event. AXIS also has multiple faculty in-charge who are professors at VNIT.


Axis 14 had an array of events related to management and engineering. These events are administered by event managers. Majority of these events are organised in the VNIT campus, whereas the others such as Junior Scientist and dexter are organised at various locations throughout the country and the final rounds are held in the campus. Events like 221B Baker Street are insomnia events that take place at night and go on till morning. Paradeigma is an impromptu event where the problem statements are given when the event commences. The events under AXIS are as follows.

  • Junior Scientist
  • Robowars
  • Robotrekker
  • Aquahunt
  • Mechatryst
  • Wallstreet
  • 221B Baker Street
  • Techverve
  • Cryptocrux
  • Whos the Boss?
  • Informals
  • Freakomatrix
  • Pascal's Trouble
  • Turbo flux
  • Crepido
  • Dexter
  • Autobot
  • Devise
  • Paradeigma
  • Gamesutra

Social Initiatives[edit]

AXIS conducts social initiatives year round aiming to bring the rich technical knowledge of the students and infrastructure at there disposal to benefit the less fortunate. These social initiatives are done with the assistance of organisations like Make A Difference and Prayaas. The social initiatives under AXIS 14 are:

  • Eureka
  • Voice the Revolution
  • Graffiti drive
  • Craft a Smile


A social drive where students from municipal schools put forth ideas for innovative experiments that are then conducted in the labs at VNIT. This event aimed to make sure that the lack of infrastructure in their schools does not kill their curious and ever questioning young minds. This event succeeded in conducting over 450 experiments over the course of the year.

Graffiti Drive[edit]

Students from the Architecture and Planning department at VNIT drew Graffiti throughout the city of Nagpur with the association of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation. These graffiti attacked social problems like female infanticide, excessive smoking, lack of female education etc.

Apart from these street plays were held throughout Nagpur by the VNIT dramatics club, HallaBol to spread social awareness in the Indian society.


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