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Axolotl is the name of musician Karl Bauer's musical output. While Axolotl originally included members William Sabiston and Brian Tester, since 2005 it has been a primarily solo outing on Bauer's part. Axolotl began in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York.[1] Most notable in his music is his use of the violin or viola and his vocals, though he often uses many instruments including electronics, synths and various percussion.[1]

Bauer is also a frequent collaborator with Mouthus, The Skaters and Yellow Swans, and has also collaborated with Kemialliset Ystävät and Neil Campbell

Axolotl was featured in a main article in the August 2007 issue of The Wire.[2] He also toured with Animal Collective throughout Europe in the Fall of 2008,[3] and has shared the stage with in the past as well. He was also a part of the Approximately Infinite Universe Tour, which also featured Kemialliset Ystävät and The Skaters.[4]


Self Titled (Psych-o-path Records)
Archons? Archons! (Collective Jyrk)
Oranur (Collective Jyrk)
Object Phantom (Spirit of Orr)
Prophetic Ass (Chocolate Monk)
Chemical Theatre (Gypsy Sphinx)
Sad Hotel (23 Productions)
Way Blank (Psych-o-path Records)
Plane of Partials (Fuck-it Tapes)
Memory Theatre (Important Records)
Telesma (Spooky Action)
Live (Loci)
Trade Ye No Mere Moneyed Art (Loci)


Axolotl + Astral Social Club - Monster Mittens (7" on Dirty Knobby)
Axolotl + Eskimo King (Our Mouth Records)
Axolotl + The Skaters - Split LP (Catsup Plate)
Axolotl + Inca Ore split 7" (Arbor)
Axolotl + Skullflower split 7" (Not Not Fun)
Axolotl + Infinity Window split tape (Sick Head Tapes)
Axolotl, Mouthus, The Skaters - Live at KDVS (Our Mouth)
Axolotl, Yellow Swans, Gerritt - LP (Root Strata)
The Brain Band (member) - tape released on Fuck-it Tapes
Elisa Ambrogio + Axolotl - collab. 7" (Spirit of Orr)
Mouthus + Axolotl - 12.25.04 LP (Olde English Spelling Bee)
Spirit of the Positive Wind (member) - S/T cd-r (Our Mouth)
Sunset Park School of Music (member) - S/T cd-r (Loci)
The Skaters, Lambsbread, C. Spencer Yeh, Axolotl -live At Spooky Action cd-r (Maim & Disfigure)


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