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Axvoice Inc.
Type Private
Industry Communications services
Founded 2005
Headquarters Brooklyn, United States
Area served United States/Canada
Products Voice over IP
Owners Privately held

Axvoice is a voice over IP company that provides telephone service over the Internet via a broadband connection. Its audience market is United States and Canada (with the possibility to make international calls) and the business model is based on a range of call plans with various options of monthly/yearly fees and/or call rates.


The company uses for its services the voice over internet protocol (VoIP), with the local broadband as the medium of communication. Besides increased quantity and quality of information transmitted, the digital technology also enables additional features, like virtual numbers, number portability, E911, hosted PBX systems, voicemail and call logs management via web etc.[1][2] The increased possibility of storage also allows keeping voicemails for longer periods of time.

The services are provided through a range of call plans, residential (United States/Canada or International) and business. Each plan includes the additional 30+ calling features (there are no different categories of regular and premium customers). In Summer 2010, Axvoice was the first company to drop their unlimited calling to the U.S./Canada under the psychological $100/year barrier.[3]

The residential calling plans offer, depending on the monthly/yearly fee, either unlimited calls anywhere in the US/Canada or first 200 minutes free (US/Canada 200 Calling plan), while Pay As You Go charges only the calls made. Outgoing Only is a no fee calling service, the customer paying only for the outgoing calls.[4]

There are two International calling plans: Residential International that offers calls to 40+ destinations and Residential International Plus, allowing calls to 50+ destinations.

The calling plans designed specifically for business are Small Business plan and Home Office plan.[5]

VoIP requirements[edit]

Axvoice provides VoIP only services (i.e. it is not exclusively computer based), requiring either a VoIP phone set (computer, iPhone, iPad etc.) with softphone installed or a touchtone phone with a VoIP ATA (to act as an interface between the digital signaling of internet and analog signaling of the ordinary landline phone). This increases the mobility of using the phone, as the internet phone does not require a particular location for its use, it can be switched into any internet connection at any place in the world.[6] For mobile phones with VoIP software facilities, it is necessary to be near a fast wireless internet connection.[7] The option BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is available for customers who already possess such phone sets.

Axvoice is compatible with different codecs, in order to adapt to each type of connection according to the speed of internet and it offers support for G.711 and G.729 standards.

Phone numbers[edit]

The area code of the phone number is not necessarily determined by the location of the customer, who has the possibility to choose any area code within United States and Canada (this ascertaining the range of local rates). The option of number portability enables the client to keep their existing number and switch to the company.


The reviews remarked Axvoice for its call quality,[8] which appears more evident in long distance phone calls,[9] the low calling rates,[10] especially for international calls,[11] the friendly customer care and the number of advanced features that come with each plan without additional charge (they are not considered value added services).[12][13][14]


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