Ayşe Hatun I

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Not to be confused with Gülbahar Hatun, Ayesha Begum, or Ayşe Hatun II.
For other uses, see Ayşe Hatun.
Ayşe Hatun I
عایشه خاتون
The tomb of "Ayşe Hatun I, عایشه خاتون" is located inside "The Gül-Bahar Hâtûn Mosque" in Trabzon
Born Ayşe (A'ishā)
c. 1453
Elbistan, Dulkadir Principality
Died c. 1505
Trabzon, Ottoman Empire
Resting place
Gülbahar Hâtûn Mosque, Trabzon
Residence Amasya, Trabzon
Known for Adoptive mother of Ottoman Sultan Selim I[1]
Religion Islam
Spouse(s) Bayezid II
Children Step-son Ottoman Sultan Selim I
Parents The daughter of Alaüddevle Bozkurt Bey, the eleventh ruler of the Dulkadirids

Ayşe Hatun I عایشه خاتون (birth: 1453, Elbistan - died: 1505, Trabzon) She was the Fourth wife of Bayezid II and the daughter of Alaüddevle Bozkurt Bey, the eleventh ruler of the Dulkadirids centered around Elbistan in Kahramanmaraş.[1][2][3]

The court of the historical Gül-Bahar Hâtûn Mosque in Trabzon-Turkey, where the grave of the daughter of Alaüddevle Bozkurt of Dulkadirids Ayşe Hâtûn is located at.


She was the adoptive/step-mother of Selim I.

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