Rumeysa Aredba

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Rumeysa Aredba
Full name
Hatice Rumeysa Hayrıdil Aredba
House House of Aredba
Father Halil Bey Aredba
Born c. 1873
Adler, Abkhazia
Died c. 1929
Istanbul, Turkey
Burial Istanbul
Religion Islam

Princess Hatice Rumeysa Hayrıdil Aredba (c. 1873 - c. 1929) was a princess at the Ottoman court. She is known for writing memoirs, which give details of the exile and personality of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed VI at San Remo.


Rumeysa Aredba was born in 1873 into the Aredba dynasty as an Aredba princess, the daughter of Prince Halil Bey Aredba. Before the Ottoman Russian war of 1877-78, she was taken along with her cousins and sisters, Daryal, Naciye, Amine, Emine, Pakize, Fatma and Kamile Hanım to the palace of Cemile Sultan by their families, where they were given for service. In the palace of Cemile Sultan, during her service, she was given private education and was renamed Hayrıdil. Her cousin Emine Nazikedâ Kadın Efendi was married to Mehmed VI in 1885 and she became a lady-in-waiting to her.

She spent most of her life with the family of Sultan Mehmed VI and also accompanied them into exile in 1924, at San Remo. During the exile she wrote memoirs which give details of the exile and personality of of Sultan Mehmed VI, by the name of Sultan Vahdeddinin San Remo Günleri. Sultan Mehmed VI died in 1926 in exile. After Mehmed VI's death, in 1927 she returned to Istanbul, where she died in 1929 in a neighbourhood of Beşiktaş.


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