Ayşe Hatun II

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A’ishā (Ayşe) Hātûn II, عایشه خاتون
Born A’ishā (Ayşe)
Died Amasya or Trabzon
Ethnicity Crimean Tatars
Religion Islam
Spouse(s) Selim I
Children Yenişah Sultan
Hatun Sultan
Her stepson:
Suleiman the Magnificent
Parents Meñli I Giray

A’ishā (Ayşe) Hatun (Ottoman Turkish: عایشه خاتون)


Ayşe Hatun was born in to Giray Dynasty as a Giray princess. She was the daughter of Meñli I Giray of the Crimean Khanate and the second wife of Ottoman Sultan Selim I.

She was married firstly in 1504 at Kefe to Selim's brother Şehzade Mehmed, Sancak Bey of Kefe, son of Ferahşad Hatun and became widow by his death. Later on, in 1510 Ayşe was married secondly to Selim at Amasya. She was the mother of Yenişah Sultan and Hatun Sultan and the stepmother of Süleyman the Magnificent. She died in Amasya or Trabzon.

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