Ay yorum biyo

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"Ay yōrum biyō
(in Tajik Ай ёрум биё)"
Single by Muboraksho Mirzoshoyev
Released 1988

"Ay yōrum biyō" (in Tajik Ай ёрум биё) (meaning Come my sweetheart) is a famous song by Muboraksho Mirzoshoyev (in Tajik Муборакшо Мирзошоев). There are alternate pronunciations including in various languages and dialects "Ay Yarom Biyo" and "Ay Yoram Biyo". It was released in 1988 in Tajik language and has become a staple at weddings.


Refrain: Ай ёрум биё --- Ay yōrum biyō --- Come my mistress
Дилдорум биё --- Dildōrum biyō --- Come my sweetheart
Дил майли ту дорад --- Dil mayli tu dōrad --- My heart desires you
Сазоворум биё --- Sazōvōrum biyō --- Come my worthy

Аз Бадахшонуме --- Az Badakhshōnume --- I am from Badakhshan
Ороми ҷонуме --- Ōrōmi jōnume --- You are peace of my soul
Ба пеши ман --- Ba peshi man --- Towards me
Биё, биё --- Biyō, biyō --- Come, and come

(Repeat refrain)

Дилбари ҷонуме --- Dilbari jōnume --- You are my soulmate
Моҳи тобонуме --- Mōhi tōbōnume --- You are my shining Moon
Ба пеши ман --- Ba peshi man --- Towards of me
Биё, биё --- Biyō, biyō --- Come, and come

Kiosk version[edit]

"Ay yarom bia
(in Persian: ای یارم بیا)"
Single by Kiosk featuring Mohsen Namjoo
from the album Global Zoo
Released 2008
Format Digital download
Recorded 2008
Length 4:24 (album version)
4:15 (single version)
Label Bamahang Productions
Writer(s) Kiosk
Producer(s) Kiosk
Kiosk featuring Mohsen Namjoo singles chronology
"Ay yarom bia
(in Persian: ای یارم بیا)
Music video
"Ay yarom bia" on YouTube

In 2008, Kiosk band released it as Ay yarom bia in (Persian: ای یارم بیا transliteration Ay yāroom biyā) on their third studio album Global Zoo. The release features Mohsen Namjoo as guest singer.[1] The song is a Persian popular cover of the Muboraksho Mirzoshoyev hit[2] The official video clip by Mostafa Heravi of the Kiosk version is accompanied by some shots from famous surrealistic movie The Color of Pomegranates by Armenian director Sergei Paradjanov.[3]


The Persian version has been subject to many remixes including one by Socio Robots. Known as "Ay Yarom Bia (Socio Robots remix)" it is credited to Sam Farsio and Arnold from Mumbai aka Socio Robots (with Kiost feat. Mohsen Namjoo).

Another remix of the song is "Ay Yarom Bia (Pyro & DJ Ferry Remix)".