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In Javanese gamelan music, the ayak-ayakan is one of the gendhing structures derived from the wayang repertoire.

The colotomic structure is:

...P ...P

with both lines played together, and T indicating a stroke of the kethuk, P the kempul, and N the kenong. The kenong and kempul always play the seleh. In slendro manyura, the gong suwukan is used instead of the kempul.

Gongans are of varying length, according to the pathet. The ending (suwuk) can occur at different points in the cycle, given the cue from the kendhang or kepyak.

It usually begins in irama lancar, and then slows down to tanggung, dados, or rangkep.

The ayak-ayakan is often used to accompany the entrance of puppets, or the transition between pathets.


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