Ayas Mehmed Pasha

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Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
In office
14 March 1536 – 13 July 1539
Monarch Suleiman I
Preceded by Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha
Succeeded by Lütfi Pasha
Personal details
Born 1483
Vlorë, Albania, Ottoman Empire
Died 1539 (aged 56)
Ottoman Empire
Nationality Ottoman
Religion Islam
Ethnicity Albanian

Ayas Mehmed Pasha (1483–1539) was an Ottoman statesman. He was born near Vlore in Albania. He was an Albanian from Delvina in Albania and was grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire from 1536 to 1539.[1] His father was from city of Shkodra, in the north of Albania, and his mother was from Vlora, in the south of Albania.

He became grand vizier in 1536 after the execution of Pargali Ibrahim Pasha and kept this position until his death in 1539.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
14 March 1536 – 13 July 1539
Succeeded by
Lütfi Pasha