A'isha (name)

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Pronunciation Arabic: [ʕɑːˈiːʃɐ],
Turkish: [ɑjʃe].
Gender Female
Language(s) Arabic
Meaning She who lives

A'isha (Arabic: عائشة‎, Āʾisha; also spelled Aisha, Aicha, Ayşe, Aiša, Ajša, Aïcha, or Ayesha) is an Arabic female given name which means "She who lives" or "womanly". Note that the names "Ayesha" and "Ayeshma" have nothing in common, as "Ayeshma" is a name that originates from the South Asian region.

Ayesha is a common variant spelling in the Arab World and countries with a high population of Muslims such as the United States, where it was ranked 2,020 out of 4,275 for females of all ages in the 1990 US Census.[1] The name Ayesha was briefly popular among English-speakers after it appeared in the book She by Rider Haggard.

Given name[edit]





  • Ayşe Arman, Turkish journalist and author
  • Ayşe Cora (born 1993), Turkish basketball player
  • Ayşe Hafsa Sultan (1479–1534), Ottoman sultan Selim I's wife and the mother of Süleyman the Magnificent
  • Ayşe Hatun (born 1510), the wife of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II and the mother of Sultan Selim I
  • Ayşe Kulin, (born 1941) Turkish novelist
  • Ayşe Sine (1761–1828), the wife of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid I and the mother of Mustafa IV
  • Ayşe Şan, Kurdish singer


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