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Aynata is a village in Lebanon. It is located in the southern portion of the country.[1] A stronghold for Hezbollah, during the war with Israel in 2006, about 60% of the homes in the town were destroyed.[2]

The terrain consists of plateaus of varying heights, with the Aynata itself located at an elevation of 740m.[citation needed] Several valleys separate Aynata from the nearest villages. Aynata has a moderate climate, cool summers and cold winters.[citation needed]

Aynata is the birthplace of Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.

Hezbollah fatalities during 2006 Lebanon War[3][edit]

  • Mousa Yousuf Khanafir*
  • Amir Ibrahim Fadlallah
  • Jamil Mahmoud an-Nimr
  • Ali Muhammad as-Sayyid Ali
  • Mahir Muhammad Sayf ad-Din
  • Zayd Mahmoud Haydar*
  • Muhammad Dheeb Khanafir
  • Kazim Ali Khanafir
  • Ammar Habib Qawsan
  • Nazim Abdan-Nabi Nasrallah
  • Marwan Husayn Samahat*
  • Muhammad Hassan Samahat
  • Hassan Ismail Mustafa
  • Shakir Najib Ghanam
* The body of the fighter was captured by IDF and removed to Israel but was returned to Lebanon in the prisoner exchanges in 2007-08.


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