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Sheading of Ayre

(Manx: Inver Ayre)[1] is one of six sheadings in the Isle of Man and consists of the parishes of Andreas, Bride and Lezayre.

Ayre is a House of Keys constituency, electing a single MHK.

The derivation of the word ayre is from Old Norse"eyrr", meaning a shingle beach. It refers to a storm beach forming a narrow spit of shingle or sand cutting across the landward and seaward ends of a shallow bay. This may partly cut off a sheltered stretch of water from the sea to form a shallow freshwater loch.[2] This word is still in use for the particular landform in the Northern Isles of Scotland.

MHKs and elections[edit]

Year Election Turnout Candidates Elected Notes
1903 General Election  ?
1913 General Election



1919 General Election


1924 General Election  ?
1929 General Election  ?
1934 General Election  ?
1962 General Election  ?  ?
1966 General Election



1976 General Election
1980 By Election



Called following the elevation to the LegCo of Percy Radcliffe.
1981 General Election


1986 General Election 80.8% Ayre becomes a 1-seat constituency, previously having been a 2-seat.

Norman Radcliffe elevated to LegCo in 1985.

1991 General Election Elected Unopposed
1996 General Election 72.9%
2001 General Election 59.4%
  • Edgar Quine, 1038 votes
  • Thurston Arrowsmith, 202 votes

By Election


Called following the resignation of Edgar Quine.

General Election

Elected Unopposed


General Election


  • Eddie Teare, 1060 votes
  • Andrew Newington-Bridges, 429 votes
  • Pat Ayres, 134 votes


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