Ayutthaya-Lan Na War

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Ayutthaya - Lan Na War
Date 1456 - 1474
Location Central Siam; Sukhothai, Ayutthaya
Result Stalemate
Flag of Thailand (Ayutthaya period).svg Kingdom of Ayutthaya (Siam) Kingdom of Lanna
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Thailand (Ayutthaya period).svg Trailokanat
Flag of Thailand (Ayutthaya period).svg Indraracha
Muen Nagara
unknown unknown

Yuttittira – a Sukhothai royalty and Trailokanat’s relative - was a close childhood friend of Trailokanat. Trailokanat himself promised him the title of Uparaja. However, after Trailokanat’s reforms, Yuttittira ended up with the title of the Governor of Pichit. Yuttittira also claimed to be the rightful king of Sukhothai.

The Lan Na kingdom under Tilokaraj was so powerful that he led armies down south to subjugate Ayutthaya. In 1456, Yuttittira sought Tilokaraj’s support and led Lan Na armies to capture Sukhothai and proceeded further towards Ayutthaya. Trailokanat, however, led Ayutthayan armies to defeat the Lan Na armies.

In 1461, Tilokarat and Yuttittira led the Lan Na armies to invade Ayutthaya but without achieving fruitful results and retreated. Trailokanat then took this opportunity to retake Sukhothai. Trailokanat, upon seeing the seriousness of the wars, crowned himself as the king of Pitsanulok in 1463 – thus moving his base from Ayutthaya to Pitsanulok – to be able to cope with Lan Na wars.

Trailokanat, accompanied by more than 2,000 followers, was the first Siamese king to be ordained as a monk. The ordination took place at Wat Chula Manee in 1461.

In 1463, the Lan Na invaded again. Trailokanat sent his son, Prince Indraracha, to crush the invading armies. Indraracha defeated Yuttittira but was in turn killed during battles against Nagara – Tilokaraj’s uncle.

Lan Na then, however, was plunged by her own internal princely conflicts. In 1474, Trailokanat finally expelled the Lan Na out of his kingdom. Next year, Tilokaraj sought peace settlements.

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