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Azam Ali is a Bangladeshi scientist known for having developed a wound dressing, which earned him the Bayer Innovators Award in 2010.[1]


Azam Ali obtained his B.Sc(1988) and M.Sc(1991) in Chemistry from Jahangirnagar University respectively in. Ali obtained PhD degree (2000) in Polymer Science & Engineering and Nanotechnology from the Universiti Sains Malaysia.[2]


Ali joined Materials Science and Engineering department of Pohang University of Science and Technology as a post-doctoral research fellow in 2000. He joined the Chemistry department of University of North Carolina at Charlotte on October 2000 and worked till July 2003 as a post-doctoral research fellow. There he conducted research on Nanophotoresist synthesis, Photolithography, Polymeric/biopolymeric biomaterials development, Tissue engineering, Materials & Biomaterial characterisation. He spent years working in various institutes in Malaysia (Malaysian Palm Oil Board), Japan (JAERI), South Korea (POSTECH). Since July 2003 till April 2013, he worked as a Senior Scientist & Biomaterials Research Leader at AgResearch.[2] Azam is currently located at the University of Otago, Dunedin Campus Otago University.[citation needed]


At present he holds 18 international patents and patents specifications, including: Wound Care Medical Products Containing Keratin, US patent No. 7732574; European patent No. EP1694370 andBiocomposite biomaterials containing biopolymer Keratin”, US patent No. 7767756[2]



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