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Azam Taleghani (in Persian:اعظم طالقانی) is an Iranian politician and journalist, born in 1944, is the head of the Society of Islamic Revolution Women of Iran,[1] editor of Payam Hajar Weekly, and a former member of the Iranian parliament.[2]

Born in Iran, Taleghani is the daughter of Ayatollah Mahmoud Taleghani. She served time in prison during the Pahlavi regime.[3] After the Iranian Revolution she was a member of the Iranian parliament, founded "Jame'e Zanan Mosalman" (Society of Muslim women), and published Payam e Hajar Weekly, an Islamic journal about women and women's rights.[2] In 2003 she protested against the death of Zahra Kazemi.[1][4] Both in 2001 and 2009, Taleghani submitted her candidacy for Iran's presidential elections, but, like all women's candidacies, her candidacy was rejected by Iran's Guardian Council .[5][6]



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