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Azar is a common given name and surname in English, in Arabic (written as عازار) and in Persian (written as آذر)

It may refer to:


  • Azar or Qaws, ninth month of the Iranian calendar. It means literally fire in Persian
  • Azar or Āḏār, Arabic name of the month of March of the Gregorian calendar. Refer to Arabic names of calendar months
  • Adar, Hebrew month, the sixth of the civil year and the twelfth month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar


  • Kfar Azar, moshav ovdim located in the Ono Valley in central Israel
  • Fauzi Azar Inn, guesthouse in Nazareth, Israel with location on the popular path of the Jesus Trail


  • Azar, father of Abraham in the Quranic version of the story
  • Azar, derivative of Elazar, Lazarus of Bethany, whom Jesus raised from the dead.
Given name
  • Azar Gat (born 1959), Israeli researcher and author on military history
  • Azar Karadas (born 1981), Norwegian football player of Turkish descent
  • Āzar Kayvān, (b. between 1529 and 1533; d. between 1609 and 1618), the first name sometimes transcribed Adhar, was a Zoroastrian high priest of Istakhr and native of Fars who emigrated to the Gujarat in Mughal India during the reign of the Emperor Akbar and became the founder of a Zoroastrian school of ishraqiyyun or Illuminationists
  • Azar Lawrence (born 1952), American jazz saxophonist
  • Azar Majedi, Iranian communist activist, writer
  • Azar Shiva (born 1940), Iranian actress
  • Azar Nafisi (born 1955), Iranian academic
Middle name
  • Amado Azar (1913–1971), Argentine boxer and Olympian
  • Alex Azar (born 1967), American politician and Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Assi Azar (born 1979), Israeli television personality
  • Betty Azar, teacher and the author of several English grammar workbooks that are a staple in the English as a second language teaching industry
  • Caroline Azar, Canadian director, actor, and playwright. Lead singer, keyboardist and co-lyricist/composer of the band Fifth Column
  • Dr. Domit Azar, (born 1974) Internationally-recognised Australian Eye Surgeon, based in Sydney
  • Dina Azar, Miss Lebanon 1995, television personality and host, fashion designer
  • Edward Azar (1938–1991), Lebanese professor of government and politics
  • Elsa Firouz Azar (born 1983), Iranian film actress
  • Emilè Azar (born 1985), Swedish singer of Lebanese origin
  • George Azar (born 1959), Lebanese American photojournalist and documentary film maker
  • Habib Azar (born 1979), American film, theater and television director
  • Ignatius Isaac Azar, Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch during 1709–1722
  • Jacobo Majluta Azar (1934-1996), Dominican politician of Lebanese origin. President of the Dominican Republic, Vice president and senator
  • Joseph Azar (prince), Jewish prince of the Anjuvannam in Cochin, South India
  • Joseph Azar (singer) (born 1942), Lebanese artist and singer, known as Joseph Azar
  • Jorge Azar, Uruguayan painter and sculptor
  • Pablo Azar (born 1982), Mexican actor
  • Raymond Azar (businessman), Lebanese businessman who reported abuse in Bagram, Afghanistan
  • Raymond Azar (security chief) (born 1953), head of Lebanese military intelligence
  • Rick Azar, American broadcaster
  • Roberto Azar (born 1966), Argentine tennis player
  • Rony Azar (born 1983), Lebanese football (soccer) player
  • Steve Azar (born 1964), American country music artist


  • In ancient Persia, fire temples names all starting with Azar, like Azarmehr, Azarnoosh, Azarbahram, Azaraeen, Azarkharin, Azarbarzin, Azarzardosht