Azerbaijan–Malaysia relations

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Azerbaijan–Malaysia relations
Map indicating locations of Azerbaijan and Malaysia



Azerbaijan–Malaysia relations refers to a foreign relations between the two countries, Azerbaijan and Malaysia. Azerbaijan has an embassy in Kuala Lumpur,[1] while Malaysia embassy in Ankara, Turkey is accredited to Azerbaijan.[2]


Malaysia recognise the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 31 December 1991 and in 5 April 1993 diplomatic relations has been established.[3]

Economy relations[edit]

In 2012, the total exports from Malaysia to Azerbaijan stood at US$14.15 million, with fuel and chemical components being the largest contributor at US$4.1 million and palm oil at US$3.3 million.[4] At the same year, around 290 Malaysians has travelled to Azerbaijan for business and work, especially in the petrochemical sector, while there were some 50 Azerbaijan citizens in Malaysia who were mostly students and also in the business sector.[4] The Malaysian cargo airlines also has choose Azerbaijan as its main transit hub.[5]


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