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Azerbaijan Marketing Society (AMS)
az.: Azərbaycan Marketinq Cəmiyyəti (AMC)
Azərbaycan Marketinq Cəmiyyəti.jpg
Established July 7, 2000
Type non profit organization
Staff 12

The Azerbaijan Marketing Society (AMS) (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Marketinq Cəmiyyəti (AMC)) is a non profit organization located in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan Marketing Society (AMS) was established on July 7, 2000 in Baku with the participation of specialists representing the marketing departments of different local and multinational companies operating in Azerbaijan. The Society was registered in the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic on August 16, 2000. The society is the non-governmental and non-commercial organization. It was founded due to the necessity of unsatisfactory level of marketing in Azerbaijan with emerging economy that goes through hard transition period into the free market economy.[1] AMS is rapidly growing and developing. It is using its activity and high quality research services in the sphere of agriculture, industry, small and medium business development and elaboration of investment projects. Up to this day it has implemented over 80 projects. At present AMS consists of about 120 members, 12 staff workers, a network of external consultants/experts and volunteers, including the members all over the regions of Azerbaijan Republic and has fully equipped office in Baku. In this period AMS has developed close relationships with international organizations and strengthened its capacity. It is significant fact that the Chairman of AMS Mr. Rahim Huseynov was a member of the Board of Tutorial of the American Marketing Association and a member of European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR). At present Azerbaijan Marketing Society with its social and intellectual activity has become a business partner to many companies and organizations. Azerbaijan Marketing Society maintains close relations and partnership with government and representatives of international organizations, especially World Economic Forum, World Bank, ITC WTO, USAID, UNDP, Eurasia Foundation, Oxfam, CHF International, International Research & Exchanges Board, IRC, Soros Foundation, CRS, Counterpart International, US Department of Commerce and carries out various projects.[2]


The mission of the Azerbaijan Marketing Society is to introduce, develop and disseminate modern methods and concepts of marketing among businesses and Azerbaijan society as a basic foundation for business conduct in a market economy.[3] The Society provides marketing research, consultancy, trainings and advocacy.[4]


The main objectives of the Society include:

  • Conduct meetings, congresses, seminars, publications and other activities to widely advocate, promote, disseminate and develop marketing science in Azerbaijan;
  • Highlight the activities of the members of the Society;
  • Encourage the pursuit of AMS members to obtain highest professional, technical and ethical standards;
  • Develop and promote marketing and social research by providing in-depth surveys and analysis which are widely recognized as the international form of conducting scientific and practical research;
  • Engage in any other activities as may be consistent with the professional interests of the Society's members using the potential and appropriate resources of the Society.[5]


To continue develop and expand as a professional non-governmental economic institution providing high quality business development services of international standard to domestic and international private sector.[6]


  1. PR and Marketing (country and project PR);
  2. Business development training and consultancy;
  3. Research and assessment;
  4. Education and translation;
  5. Youth development projects;


AMS has successfully completed more than 80 projects with partners of the following sectors: international organizations, Government of Azerbaijan Republic, private sector, universities, local NGOs, mass media. AMS has successfully cooperated with the following organizations and institutions:[7]


AMS carried out various projects and long-term researches in collaboration with different international and local NGO’s, government entities and companies in 2001-2010:

  • Project named "WTO accession informational awareness raising" with the International Trade Center (ITC) of World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan Republic.
  • Research into the "Export potential of Azerbaijani products and theirs comparative dominance in the world market", supported by the State Budget of Azerbaijan Republic.
  • Production of the first "Azerbaijan Export Catalogue 2007/2008" with the Eurasia Foundation, the Ministries of Economic Development and Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic.
  • "The Global Competitiveness Reports" (2005–2009) development project for the World Economic Forum (WEF) (AMS is an official partner of WEF since 2004).
  • Global Compact Network of the United Nations Development Program (AMS is the first official member of The Global Compact Network of the United Nations).
  • "Agro marketing information campaign" with the World Bank and State Agency for Developing of Agrarian Sector of Economy.
  • 3-years planned project named "Establishing of Market Information and Commerce Hub (MICH) System" with the World Bank and the State Agency for Crediting of Agrarian Sector under the Ministry of Agriculture is continue of the first project.
  • Translation and publication of Marketing: An Introduction by Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler, a university textbook for students majoring in marketing and economics with the US Department of State and Eurasia Foundation.
  • Marketing and Management training for students of Azerbaijani Universities (2002–2009).
  • NIMA Marketing training of the professional certification marketers of the Netherlands Marketing Association (NIMA) with the Education and Training Center of the Netherlands (ETCN) and others.


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