Azerbaijan State Marine Academy

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Azerbaijan State Marine Academy
Azərbaycan Dövlət Dəniz Akademiyası
Established 1996
Type Public
Rector Rasim Bashirov
Students 600<
Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Campus Urban

Azerbaijan State Marine Academy (ASMA) (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Dövlət Dəniz Akademiyası (ADDA)) is a public university located in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The marine education in Azerbaijan ordinates from November, 1881. In documentary materials of the central Government historical archives of the Azerbaijan Republic there is a report of the Head of the Governor General of the Baku city to the chief of the Head Department of the Caucasus Region about the opening of the Marine class in Baku on 21 st of November 1881.

The basic quota of the Baku Marine classes consist of the adult seamen - probationers. The academic year lasted from November 1 till April 1 (period of closing of navigation to Astrakhan, when the basic steam fleet and part of sailing fleet stood on wintering in the Baku port). The annual graduation of marine classes did not exceed 25-30 men on a rank of the navigator and 15-18 men on a rank of the skippers.

In 1896 at marine classes the courses of the steamship mechanics (subsequently - school of marine engineers) were open.

Many of seamen-probationers have received marine education in marine classes.

The Baku marine classes since July 1, 1902 were reformed into the Baku school of ocean navigation of 3 year education. Simultaneously at a school the preparatory marine school was organized.

Since October 1, 1921 at the Baku technical school of water transport the evening classes was organized and the workers’ technical school of water transport being discontinued was open. According to the order of the Central Department of marine Transport of People's Committee of Communication since October 1, 1924 the Baku technical school of Water Transport was renamed into a Technical School of Waterways Communication, which was passed into introduction of the Caspian Shipping Company Education Department. Since 1925 in a technical school the Azerbaijan sector was open.

In March, 1930 the government has accepted the decision on reorganization of all industrial technical schools by a branch principle and since September 1, 1930 the Baku Technical School of Waterways Communication was reorganized in the Baku Marine Technical School, and in March, 1944 in the Baku Marine College.

After restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan in 1991 on the basis of the Baku Marine College by the decision of Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic dated July 15, 1996 № 91 the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy (АSМА) was created. The Azerbaijan State Marine Academy in 2000 is included by number 012 into the catalogue of Academy Marine Educational Institutions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

In academy on 10 departments work 98 teachers, including: 4 professors - doctor of sciences, 37 senior lecturers - candidates of sciences, 24 senior teachers and 31 assistants, 2 teachers. There are 4 research laboratories in the Academy.

The academy cooperates with higher educational institutions of the countries of Unit of Independent Governments and other foreign countries. ÀSMÀ is the member of Educational-Methodical Council at Marine Academy after Admiral Makarov in St.-Petersburg. The educational process in Academy is constructed on the basis of the law on education, normative documents of Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic and on the recommendations of IMO.

Now in academy are trained about 600 students, who besides study accept active participation in research works conducted by departments in the appropriate laboratories.

The perfection of educational process and strengthening of its connections with a science and production is at the centre of attention.

For effective work and rest of professor-teaching staff and students in Academy all conditions are created. Here function scientific and technical library numbering over 90 thousand of books in the Russian, Azerbaijan and English languages, computer centre, polyclinic, canteen, sports hall.

Term of training is for a degree of bachelor - 4 years (for the foreign citizens term of training is prolonged for 9 months removed on preparatory courses), for the holder of master's degree - 2 years. By the decision of Cabinet of the Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic dated May 8, 2000 in Academy the centre of preparation and certification of the seamen works, in which the seamen command structure passes the specialized courses of improvement of qualification organized on the basis of Model Courses of the International Maritime Organization. The academy in its structure has a Department of preparation of the specialists for the ratings.

Coordinates: 40°23′43″N 49°52′56″E / 40.39528°N 49.88222°E / 40.39528; 49.88222