Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Dance Contest

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Member station ITV
National selection events Internal
Appearances 1
First appearance 2008
Best result 5th
Worst result 5th
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Azerbaijan took part for the first time in the Eurovision Dance Contest in 2008 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Azerbaijan came in 5th place with 106 points, getting two 12 points from Lithuania and Poland. The EBU confirmed that the Eurovision Dance Contest 2010 will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan at the Heydar Aliev Sports and Concert Complex in 2010.[1]


Azerbaijan debuted in the Eurovision Dance Contest in 2008, after debuting in the Eurovision Song Contest in the same year. They were represented by Eldar Jafarov and Anna Sajina, who were selected internally. They danced to a version of "Phantom of the Opera", from the musical of the same name, arranged by Yashar Bahysh. Their routine was a fusion of Paso Doble, Rumba, Tango, and Azeri Folk Dance.

According to contest coordinator on behalf of EBU Tal Barnea "concrete plans for a 2010 autumn event are now being developed, with considerable changes to introduce a new programme proposal". These plans are expected to be unveiled in the autumn of 2009. EBU also praised "the commendable work on the next Eurovision Dance Contest already completed by our partners Ictimai Television and the Azerbaijani officials" stating that 2010 edition of the contest is planned to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan as well.

In January 2010, EBU Eurovision coordinator, Svante Stockselius, announced that contest has been postponed again, and is now unlikely to happen at all, at least within the next couple of years. He explained this decision with the fact that the boom of the TV dance shows has calmed down recently.[2] The Third Eurovision Dance Contest has been cancelled indefinitely.[3]


Azerbaijan and Greece announced professional dance couples as their representatives at the Eurovision Dance Contest 2008. According to the regulations of the contest,[4] professional couples were not allowed to take part in the competition. The EBU specified that the couple had to be composed of one professional (defined as a dancer who earns his or her living through dance and dance-related activities), and one non-professional known in a field other than dance. The non-professional was not required to be a celebrity, as long as he or she was known in his field, and it was also not a requirement that the non-professional had no dance experience. Since the representatives for Azerbaijan and Greece both consisted of two professional dancers, however, it is not clear why their entries were considered valid.[5]


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Year Couple Dances Place Points
2008 Eldar Jafarov and Anna Sajina[6] Paso Doble/Rumba/Tango/Azeri Folk Dance 5 106

Voting history[edit]

Azerbaijan has received the most points from...

Rank Country Points
1 Lithuania Lithuania 12
= Poland Poland 12
3 Russia Russia 10
4 Austria Austria 8
= Ukraine Ukraine 8
= Republic of Ireland Ireland 7
7 Greece Greece 6

Azerbaijan has given the most points to...

Rank Country Points
1 Ukraine Ukraine 12
2 Poland Poland 10
3 Russia Russia 8
4 Portugal Portugal 7
5 Republic of Ireland Ireland 6

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