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Azin or Andzin Rinpoche is an incarnate lama (tulku) in the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism associated with Palnge Monastery in Gegyal. Their reincarnations have been known for strict retreat practices and deligence in masterings the sutras. They have also been closely associated with Sherabling and Tai Situpa as many of the reincarnations received their education there.

The current incarnation, Karma Thubten Trinlay Gyurme Pal Zangmo, was born on 22 March 1984.

Reincarnation Name
1st Azin Rinpoche Karma Tsultrim Dargye
2nd Azin Rinpoche Karma Lodro Tsultrim Tharchen Pal Zangpo
3rd Azin Rinpoche Karma Thubten Trinlay Gyurme Pal Zangpo