Azizullah Lodin

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Azizullah Lodin
Born 1939[1]
Herāt, Afghanistan[1]
Occupation Head of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan
Years active 23 January 2007 - present[1]

Azizullah Lodin (Pashto: داکترعزیزالله لودین) is the head of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan.

2009 Afghan presidential election[edit]

Following allegations of fraud during the 2009 Afghan presidential election which he oversaw, Presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah called for the sacking of Lodin, saying that he had "no credibility".[2] In the days prior to the release of the final election results, Lodin repeatedly met with President Hamid Karzai as the Afghan Independent Election Commission was challenging the findings of the auditors on the U.N.-backed Electoral Complaints Commission.[3] Karzai rejected the call by Abdullah, stating "the changes would not be helpful to the elections and the country".[2]


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