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Bärbel Mohr

Bärbel Mohr (5 July 1964 – 29 October 2010) was a German author. Since 1998 she published 20 German books (self-help books, children books, stories) – including the best-selling Bestellungen beim Universum (The Cosmic Ordering Service), translated into 14 languages so far and a German audio edition – which combined have more than 1.5 million copies in print.


In 1995 she wrote The Cosmic Ordering Service for a small group of people and distributed it as a Xerox copy. In 2006, Noel Edmonds (UK TV-presenter) credited her book with turning his career around. Mohr regularly gave lectures and workshops on joyful living and how to realise your dreams.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

With her family (husband and twins) she lived near Munich, where she died in 2010, aged 46.


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