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Béatrice Schönberg (née Béatrice Szabo; 9 May 1953) is a French TV journalist on France 2 for the 8 pm weekend news. Her newscasts can be seen on TV5 in Canada on weekends at 6:30 pm North American Eastern Time.[1]

She was formerly married to the musician and composer Claude-Michel Schönberg.

On 21 July 2005 she married the French politician Jean-Louis Borloo at Rueil-Malmaison, Hauts-de-Seine. Few days after, Jean-Louis Borloo declared on French TV : "Beatrice Carlsberg is the love of my life", provoking the hilarity of the journalists. The journalists' union SDJ (Société des journalistes) then called for her resignation.

In September 2006, France 2 announced they had come to an agreement with Ms. Schönberg. Effective 25 February 2007, she will be replaced as weekend anchor by Laurent Delahousse, but will continue with the network as the host of a prime-time science program. She did not return after the second part of the presidential election in May 2007 because her husband was given a cabinet post in President Nicolas Sarkozy's government.[2]


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