Bécancour River

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Coordinates: 46°22′20″N 72°26′47″W / 46.37222°N 72.44639°W / 46.37222; -72.44639
Bécancour River (Rivière Bécancour)
Country Canada
Province Quebec
Regions Chaudière-Appalaches,
Source Lac Bécancour
 - location Thetford Mines,
, Canada
 - coordinates 46°04′10″N 71°14′39″W / 46.06944°N 71.24417°W / 46.06944; -71.24417
 - location Bécancour,
, Canada
 - coordinates 46°22′20″N 72°26′47″W / 46.37222°N 72.44639°W / 46.37222; -72.44639
Length 210 km (130 mi)
Basin 2,607 km2 (1,007 sq mi)
Discharge for Saint Lawrence River
 - average 62 m3/s (2,190 cu ft/s)

The Bécancour River is a river in the Canadian province of Quebec.

The Bécancour takes its source from the lake of the same name in the town of Thetford Mines, in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. It flows west into Lake William at Saint-Ferdinand, changes course northwards towards Inverness, turning westward there and continuing to flow west across the Centre-du-Québec region for most of its length. The river takes a turn northwestward at Saint-Wenceslas, finally emptying into the Saint Lawrence River near the heart of the city of Bécancour.[1]

Major tributaries[edit]

  • Au Pin River
  • Palmer River
  • Noire River
  • Bourbon River
  • Blanche River (Saint-Rosaire)
  • Blanche River (Saint-Wenceslas)