Bîc River

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For the village of Bîc in Chişinău municipality, see Bubuieci.
Bîc (Bâc)
Origin Codri
Mouth Dniester
Basin countries Moldova
Length 155 km
Avg. discharge 1 m³/s (annual mean)
220 m³/s (springtime)
Basin area 2,150 km²

Bîc (Bâc or Byk, rus. Бык - Bull) is a river in Moldova, a right tributary of Dniester.

The upper flow of Bîc cuts a deep canyon in Codri Hills. The capital of Moldova, Chişinău, is situated near Bîc. A dam near Chişinău holds the Chişinău Sea reservoir, which has an area of about 10 km². During the summer season, Bîc often dries out and turns into a chain of lakes. The river is heavily polluted, so swimming in it is not advisable.

Coordinates: 46°54′42″N 29°27′59″E / 46.91167°N 29.46639°E / 46.91167; 29.46639