Búng Bình Thiên

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Búng Bình Thiên is the largest fresh water lake in Mekong Delta in Vietnam.[citation needed] Located in An Phu District, province of An Giang, linking three communes, namely Khánh Bình, Nhơn Hội and Quốc Thái, and adjoining Bình Di River and Hậu River, the natural lake is becoming known as an eco-tourist area.[citation needed]

Area covered[edit]

The lake covers about 200-300 hectares in width and four meters in depth in dry season. However, the zone is directly influenced by the hydrographic system of the Mekong River and thus the width triples in the rainy season, with the depth increasing up to seven meters.

Landscape quality[edit]

The lake is tranquil year round. When the area floods most rivers in the Mekong Delta are muddy with alluvium, but the water of Búng Bình Thiên remains clear and blue; a landscape endowed with the highest biological diversity in An Giang.


Búng Bình Thiên is home to many ethnic Cham people. Until recently the Cham ladies lived very sheltered lives but nowadays they are engaged in the modern world, developing businesses and participating in cultural and artistic activities in society.


Búng Bình Thiên is a place of tranquility where visitors can discover water-lilies and lotus swaying in the wind on the lake, and the bustle of creatures such as fish, shrimp, snakes and turtles under water.

Coordinates: 10°55′N 105°04′E / 10.917°N 105.067°E / 10.917; 105.067