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Buri (died 1252) was a son of Mutuken and a grandson of Chagatai khan. His name - Buri - means "Wolf". According to Rashid-al-Din Hamadani, Buri's mother was a wife of Chagatai khan's one official. She was a beauty, and Mutuken was attracted by her while she served in the Khan's ger. Mutuken made her pregnant and instead of marrying her, he took her baby, Buri.

Mutuken was killed during the siege of Bamiyan. Chagatai raised Buri because Mutugen was his favorite son.

Buri loved drinking and was a hothead. He humiliated Batu Khan with Guyuk (future Great khan) during the campaign of Russia. Both of them were recalled by Great khan Ogodei, and Buri was sent to his grandfather Chagatai when Batu complained about them to his uncle. After a year in Mongolia, he returned to Batu to participate in the invasion of Europe. When the Mongols advanced into Central Europe, he ravaged Wallachia. He had German miners and Teutonic knights put to work in Zungaria.[1] They were captives of the Battle of Legnica.[2]

After Guyuk's death in 1248, he sided with regent Oghul Qaimish khatun. Batu and Mongke had Buri murdered by a Golden Horde general who disliked him in 1252.


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