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B-K Rootbeer is an independent chain of drive-in fast-food restaurants, distinguished by their draft root beer and root beer floats. A midwestern chain, B-K restaurants are located in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. B-K stands for "Bergerson & Kenefick".[1]


The first B-K chain was founded in the mid-1940s in Michigan City, Indiana. All of the current B-K Rootbeer restaurants are independently owned and operated.[2]

B-K Rootbeer stands opened in the 1950s and served hamburgers, milk shakes, ice cream cones, hot dogs and other foods.


B&K Rootbeer is widely known for its homemade burgers and Spanish hot dog sauce. It is handicap accessible and services eating in or dining out. This fun American style burger joint is group-friendly and offers outdoor seating.[3]

At one time, there were 238 B-K drive-ins around Indiana and surrounding states. It was founded by Melvin and Mary Bergerson in the mid-1940s in Michigan City, Indiana.[4][5]


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