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B&O Warehouse, east side
West side, from Oriole Park

The B&O Warehouse is a building in Baltimore, Maryland, adjacent to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It was constructed by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) beginning in 1899, with later sections completed in 1905, adjacent to the B&O's Camden Station and freight yard at Camden and Eutaw streets. Often purported to be the longest brick building on the East Coast, the 1,116-foot (340 m) long, eight-story brick structure had 430,000 square feet (almost 40,000 m²) of floor space for merchandise storage and distribution, large enough to hold 1,000 carloads of freight at a time, the B&O advertised.[1] Railroad historian Herbert H. Harwood proclaimed it an "awesome structure ... a truly classic turn-of-the-century railroad warehouse."[2] The warehouse was used by the B&O through the 1960s but was mostly vacant by the 1970s due to the use of trucks and newer, more efficient single-floor warehouses located in industrial parks elsewhere.[3]

With the development of the downtown stadium for the Orioles, which opened in 1992, the former B&O warehouse was converted to team offices, team spaces, and a private club for the Orioles. It is also used for private wedding receptions.

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