B-sidor 95–00

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B-sidor 95–00
Compilation album by Kent
Released November 29, 2000
Recorded Between 1995 and 2000
Genre Alternative rock, rock
Length 118:59
Label BMG
Producer Kent, Zed, Martin "Nåid" Landquist, Martin von Schmalensee, Nille Perned, Heikki Kiviaho, Magnus Frykberg
Kent chronology
Hagnesta Hill
B-sidor 95–00
Vapen & ammunition

B-Sidor 95–00 is a B-side collection by the Swedish rock band Kent.

It was released in 2000 and features two new songs, "Chans" and "Spökstad". The former was also released as a single. "Rödljus II" and "En helt ny karriär II" are new recordings of the original ones. Hidden track "Papin jahti" is an improvisation where the band's drummer Markus sings in Finnish.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

  1. "Chans" Chance
  2. "Spökstad" Ghost Town
  3. "Längtan skala 3:1" Longing Scale 3:1, August 2000
  4. "Om gyllene år" About Golden Years, March 2000
  5. "Noll" Zero, March 2000
  6. "Önskar att någon..." (I) Wish That Someone, November 1999
  7. "Bas riff" Bass Riff, November 1999
  8. "Din skugga" Your Shadow, June 1998
  9. "Elever" Students, June 1998
  10. "Längesen vi sågs" Long Time No See (Title of an Ed McBain Novel), February 1998
  11. "December" December 1998
  12. "Utan dina andetag" Without Your Breath, October 1997
  13. "På nära håll" Close at Hand, October 1997

Disc two[edit]

  1. "Livrädd med stil" Terrified with Style, September 1996
  2. "Verkligen" Really, September 1996
  3. "Gummiband" Rubber Band, May 1996
  4. "Att presentera ett svin" To Present a Pig, February 1996
  5. "En helt ny karriär" A Whole New Career, February 1996
  6. "Rödljus" Red Lights, February 1996
  7. "Pojken med hålet i handen (Hotbilds version)" The Boy with the Hole in the Hand (Threatening Version), September 1995
  8. "Kallt kaffe" Cold Coffee, June 1995
  9. "Den osynlige mannen (Kazoo version)" The Invisible Man (Kazoo Version), March 1995
  10. "Slutsats" Conclusion, February 1995
  11. "Rödljus II" Red Lights II
  12. "En helt ny karriär II" A Whole New Career II