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For the house music duo, see B.E.D..
B.E.D poster.jpg
Revised Romanization Bedeu
McCune–Reischauer Pedŭ
Directed by Park Chul-soo
Produced by Oh Young-hwan
Ryu Hyeon-jin
Written by Seo Kyung-sook
Based on B.E.D 
by Kwon Ji-ye
Starring Jang Hyuk-jin
Lee Min-a
Kim Na-mi
Music by Oh Soo-jin
Cinematography Oh Seung-hwan
Edited by Im Cheol-min
Distributed by Mountain Pictures
Release dates
Running time
91 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

B-E-D is a 2012 South Korean film directed by Park Chul-soo, based on the short story of the same name by novelist Kwon Ji-ye. Starring theater actors Jang Hyuk-jin, Lee Min-a and Kim Na-mi, the film is an erotic relationship drama about three people. B, whose life "begins on the bed and ends on the bed", has an affair with married woman E and later, after she breaks up with him, he marries D, a single mother and career woman. The film features frequent full-frontal nudity.[1]

B-E-D made its world premiere at the 17th Busan International Film Festival in 2012, and was released in theaters on March 12, 2015.[2][3]


E is everything to B. B is desperate because he knows he can't get enough of E. E wants to be liberated from her everyday boredom. She needs change. However, she doesn't want to cross the borders of her own life. D needs a comfortable family. D tries to be realistic and rational. The stories of three characters whose joy, passion and despair overflow in one bed are tangled like a puzzle, and a fearless and unhesitating exploration of human desires.[4]


  • Jang Hyuk-jin as B
  • Lee Min-a as E
  • Kim Na-mi as D
  • Noh Yoon-ah
  • Lee Seong-wook
  • Bae Jang-soo

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