B. S. Abdur Rahman

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B. S. Abdur Rahman
عبد الرحمن
அப்துர் ரஹ்மான்
Born Kilakarai, Tamil Nadu, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Entrepreneur
Religion Islam

B. S. Abdur Rahman, (Tamil: அப்துர் ரஹ்மான்) (born 15 October 1927) is an Indian business magnate, philanthropist and investor who revolutionized Engineering studies in Tamil Nadu. Abdur Rahman was wealthiest Indian worth $10 billion US dollars in 2010. He has a range of business interests in the UAE and India (in Tamil Nadu) including maritime shipping, real estate, insurance etc. He founded numerous schools, colleges, hospitals and university. Abdur Rahman has pursued a number of philanthropic endeavors, donating large amounts of money to various charitable organizations and concentrates on upliftment of economically weaker sections through the 'Seethakathi Trust & Zakaat Fund Foundation.

Abdur Rahman was the Vice-chairman of Emirates Trading Agency ( Commonly known as ETA Star & Ascon group), a Dubai-based conglomerate from 1973–till date. He is a founder of Abdur Rahman University (Earlier named Crescent engineering college, first private owned engineering college in Tamil Nadu. He is a Chairman of East Coast Constructions & Industries Pvt. Ltd, West Asia Exports & Imports Pvt. Ltd, West Asia Maritime Ltd., Buhari Group, Amana Investments Ltd in HongKong and Transcar India. He is also the Vice-Chairman of Coal & Oil LLC & Coastal Energy Ltd.

Early life[edit]

B. S. Abdur Rahman was born in Kilakarai, Tamil Nadu, India, in an middle-class family, the son of Bhukari Aalim. His father was a prominent Pearl Trader in South Asia. He completed his Secondary School Level from Schwartz School, Ramanathapuram & Hameedia High School, Kilakarai. He is blessed with four sons and two daughters. He starts his business in Srilankha with his elder brother Abdul Cader prominently called as Thaika Vapa in Tamil Nadu. He had a sister and afer her accidental death B.S. Abdul Rahman started a Women's College in his Sister name "Thaseem Beevi Abdul Cader Women's College in his home town. He had started so many schools and colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Life History[edit]

At the age of fifteen, Abdur Rahman first went to Colombo with just Indian Rupees 149 (USD 2.5). He worked as an errand boy for diamond merchants, carrying their diamonds and other gems from sellers to buyers and back. He was at the time staying with some traders from Kilakarai and neighbouring villages. They allowed him to stay with them without any payment, but he had, instead, to fetch tea for them from a nearby hotel, clean the rooms and perform other menial tasks. A lesser person perhaps would have thrown in the towel. But Sena Aana was made of sterner stuff. Before long, he used his persuasive skills to obtain gemstones from another merchant and began trading in them. In time he became a successful gem trader. The base that Abdur Rahman built in Ceylon was to help him in all his future activities. He began visiting Belgium, then as now, a centre of the gem trade, the USA, South America and set up business in Penang, Malaysia, Madras (now Chennai), Kolkata (then Calcutta), and then in Hong Kong. It was in Hong Kong that his business flourished. Incidentally, Abdur Rahman was the first person from Kilakarai to go to Hong Kong.

BSA with Former Indian PM Rajive Gandhi.

In Hong Kong he launched the Precious Trading Company in 1954. Later, his very special brainchild, the Amana Group of Hong Kong, was established. It was under its banner that the multi-national company ETA-ASCON came into existence. It was started in Dubai in 1973 as a partnership with a friend, Abdullah Al-Ghurair, Chairman of the Al Ghurair group of companies. Started originally as civil construction contractors, ETA-ASCON has expanded into trading, elevator and electrical installations, real estate, mechanical engineering, building maintenance, car dealerships, and, most recently, shipping and aviation. It employs over 16,000 people, of whom 200 are in managerial positions, 5,000 are in administration and 11,000 are technicians. ETA-ASCON is today the flagship of Abdur Rahman's vast industrial empire.

Contribution in Education[edit]

He feels that education is the key that opens the solutions to the socio economic problems of the society. Hence he founded the following Institutions through whcih all his Educational & Literacy activities are carried out.

1. The Seethakathi Trust 2. All India Islamic Foundation 3. B.S. Abdur Rahman University 4. Islamic Studies & Cultural Centre 5. B.S.Abdur Rahman Zakat Foundation Trust

Business Activity[edit]

Abdur Rahman holds the following positions in other companies:

  • Chairman, Buharia Holding (P) Ltd, Chennai [1]
  • Chairman, ABR Enterprises (P) Ltd, Chennai
  • Chairman, West Asia Maritime Ltd, Chennai
  • Chairman, West Asia Exports & Imports Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  • Chairman, East Coast Constructions & Industries (P) Ltd, Chennai
  • Chairman, Sethu Investments Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Social Work[edit]

Youth Welfare Activities[edit]

Abdur Rahman feels that a sound mind in a sound body is a healthy trend of development of the youth in this country. Hence much importance is being given to NSS, NCC, Scouts and other youth activities in all his institutions. Hence to promote sports activities and to imbibe sports culture in the minds of youngsters, he constructed and donated a stadium with all facilities for indoor games, gymnasium and a gallery to Tamil Nadu Govt. under the purview of Sports Authority of Tamil Nadu during 1997. The stadium was inaugurated by Prof. A Anbazhagan, Hon’ble Minister of Education, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, in the presence of Shri. Dhanushkodi Athithan R, Minister of State, (Department of Youth Affairs & Sports ), Government of India. The stadium was named as Seethakathi Sethupathi Stadium, which depicted a touch of communal harmony in the minds of the people.

Economical Support works[edit]

Abdur Rahman is the founder of UNITED ECONOMIC FORUM through which he has organized number of economic development activities and encouraged social work.


Abdur Rahman has founded and financially aided the following Orphanages.

  • Al-Mumin Seethakathi Children Home, Sakkaraikottai, Ramanathapuram District
  • Al-Mumin Umar Pulavar Children Hoome, Ottapidaram, V.O.C. District
  • Al-Mumin Shahul Hameed (Wali) Children Home, Thanjavur, Thanjavur District
  • Al-Mumin K.T.M.S. Hamid Children Home (Girls), Kilakarai, Ramnad District.
  • Al-Mumin Malik Dinar Children Home (Girls), Thiruvithancode.

Quote Of Abdur Rahman[edit]

"The world is the winner when business is not just about self but also about society"

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