B954 road

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B954 road
Major junctions
North end: Dykends
South end: Northwestern part of Dundee
Road network

The B954 road is a public highway in Angus, Scotland which generally runs north to south, connecting the settlement of Dykends to the northwestern part of the city of Dundee. The road runs near the Meigle Museum, where a collection of Pictish stones is exhibited, and somewhat to the west of the Eassie Stone, a Pictish stone dating to about 600 AD. The road has been a subject of public controversy, having undergone debate over its speed limit; in particular, a speed limit of 30 to 40 miles per hour was considered to protect pedestrian safety, particularly for children crossing the highway. The proposal was not adopted at the September 16, 2008 meeting.[1]


Coordinates: 56°34′34″N 3°09′16″W / 56.57603°N 3.15458°W / 56.57603; -3.15458