BASE Productions

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BASE Productions
Industry Television/Film
Founded 1992
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Washington, DC
Key people John Brenkus, co-CEO
Mickey Stern, co-CEO
John Davis, Vice President of Production
Scott Bramble, Director of Post Production
Owners John Brenkus, Mickey Stern

BASE Productions is a production company founded in 1992 by John Brenkus and Mickey Stern. As a producer of reality, documentary, and unscripted infotainment programming, BASE Productions uses a trademark motion-capture and CGI technology. The company has produced programming for a variety of channels, such as A&E, Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel networks, Fox Sports Net, G4, ESPN, HBO, MTV, National Geographic Channel and Spike TV. BASE Productions is located in Los Angeles and Washington DC.

Chief executive officers[edit]

Co-CEO John Brenkus in May 2010.

John Brenkus serves as the co-CEO, as well as the host of Sport Science.[1] During the early years of his career, Brenkus produced numerous short films and music video projects before launching full-time into film and television writing, production and direction.[2] John Brenkus is based in Los Angeles.

Mickey Stern is the co-CEO and also headlines the business, legal and financial aspects of BASE Productions. He is based in Washington, D.C.

John Davis is the Executive Vice President working closely with Brenkus and Stern headlining the business, legal, financial and creative aspects of BASE Productions. He is based in Los Angeles.

Robert Curran is the Executive Vice President of Development and is responsible for creative development and production management, and serves as Executive Producer on many BASE Productions projects.


TV series[edit]


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