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BASIS Scottsdale
BASIS Scottsdale Logo 2013.png
Coordinates 33°35′25″N 111°47′17″W / 33.59024°N 111.78802°W / 33.59024; -111.78802Coordinates: 33°35′25″N 111°47′17″W / 33.59024°N 111.78802°W / 33.59024; -111.78802
Athletics conference Canyon Athletic Association
Average SAT scores 2152 (2013)
Average ACT scores (2013) 31.7

BASIS Scottsdale is a charter school in eastern Scottsdale, Arizona.[1] It is located on the northwest corner of 136th St. and Via Linda.[2] It is operated by BASIS Schools, a nationally-recognized operator of charter schools in Arizona.


The school's original logo, used from 2003 to 2010
The school's second logo, used from 2010 to 2013

BASIS Scottsdale was founded in 2003[3] by Olga and Michael Block. The first campus served middle school students in 5th through 8th grade. In 2007, a new larger campus was opened and the school expanded to accommodate a high school of grades 9 through 12. This is the school's current location.

In the media[edit]

BASIS Scottsdale has been featured on CNN News for the apparent quality of its education. The school was also featured in the documentary Two Million Minutes: The 21st Century Solution.[4]

BASIS Scottsdale, as well as its sister school, BASIS Tucson, have received significant praise in the media—such as recognition of the Tucson school by Newsweek magazine as one of America's top high schools.[5][6][7][8][9]


BASIS Scottsdale, like its sister schools, offers a wide range of very advanced curricula. Entering students take a diagnostic test before enrolling, which places them in a group based primarily on proficiency in mathematics. In 5th grade, most of the students at BASIS take a starter-level math course,[10] intended for kids in grades 7-8 at other schools. Children who do well in this advance to Algebra 1 in 6th grade, and continue on from there. Children who fail in the first course take a pre-algebra course in 6th grade and move from there. However, some students can start in Algebra 1 in 5th grade, being able to enter Pre-Calculus at 7th grade. Students who score extremely well on their placement tests may advance straight to Algebra 1 or even 2 in some rare cases. This is highly advanced compared to most public schools in Arizona, where Algebra 1 is not an offered class until 8th grade. BASIS also includes a rigorous curriculum in other subjects, requiring students to take six AP tests throughout their years at the school. Science is heavily emphasized, with children beginning chemistry, biology, and physics as early as sixth grade. Many strenuous English classes are also required, including AP Literature and AP Language, as well as Latin in fifth and sixth grade, and a choice of either Latin, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or French in seventh through twelfth grades.

Master Teacher Campaign[edit]

Every year, BASIS Scottsdale's Master Teacher Campaign raises money to increase teacher salaries. Parents, philanthropists, as well as local business have donated in the past.

Bulldog Boosters[edit]

Named after the school's mascot, the Bulldog Boosters is the parent-run organization that coordinates many events, such as dances, fundraising, and lunches which are very expensive.[11]

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