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BBTV Channel 7.png
Launched 27 November 1967
Owned by Bangkok Broadcasting Television and Royal Thai Army
Picture format 576i (SDTV 16:9)
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan Channel 7, For Your
(Thai: ช่องเจ็ดสี ทีวีเพื่อคุณ)
Country Thailand
Broadcast area Thailand
Analogue (VHF) Channel 7
Digital Mux2: (UHF) Channel36(594Mhz) {Bangkok,TH} -LCN:Channel 35
TrueVisions Channel 4 and 45
CTH Channel 45 and 177
GMM Z Channel 45 and 306
Thaicom 6 3800 H 30000 5/6
TrueVisions Channel 4 and 45

CH7 (Thai: ช่องเจ็ด; RTGS: Chong Chet; literal: Channel 7) is a Thai television station, CH7 was officially launched on 27 November 1967 after being acquired by Royal Thai Army.

CH7 is a sister channel of TV5. Its headquarters at Mo Chit, Chatuchak.

CH7 currently broadcasts under VHF (Very High Frequency). In the Bangkok Metropolitan Area the VHF channel is 7 (Analog) and broadcasts under UHF (Ultra High Frequency) using the TV5 digital television network for CH7HD (Digital). CH7 is also available over TrueVisions on Channel 3. (Satellite) Its daily broadcasting hours are 24 hours


CH7 was formerly known as Channel 7 Color (another one was Channel 7 B&W, now Channel 5). It was managed by Royal Thai Army and broadcasts from Bangkok. This broadcast area was only limited to Bangkok Metropolitan Area only.

The channel targets Thai-speaking viewers; American English and Hong Kong Cantonese programmes are also shown in this channel.

Channel 7 was launched on Monday, 27 November 1967 at 18:30 local time and was officially launched by the then prime minister and military dictator Thanom Kittikachorn. It was originally planned for a nationwide expansion and started broadcasting nationwide since 1973.


Every Saturdays, there is Chet Si Concert.


Notable programmes by CH7 include:

Broadcasting Hours[edit]

Years Weekdays Saturday Sunday
1967-1975 17:00-00:00
1975-1980 18:00-23:00 16:00-23:00 13:00-23:00
1980-1996 14:00-00:00 09:00-00:00
1996-1998 07:00-02:00
1998-2000 05:00-00:00
2000-2004 06:00-00:00 05:00-00:00
1 January 2005-now 24-hours

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