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BCI (trading as Bus & Coach International Pty Ltd) is an Australian owned and operated bus and coach company. The company was established by Australian entrepreneur and bus industry stalwart Ron J. Nazzari in 1991 and started as a small family-run operation.

The BCI brand has a long history in the Australian bus market and today, the company is one of the largest bus and coach companies in Australia, while still maintaining a family focussed approach to business.

The manufacturing of the BCI vehicles takes place in the Xiamen Feng Tai Bus and Coach International production facility in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. The facility is 100,000 square meters, fully ISO 9001 certified, and located in a free trade zone. BCI buses have been supplied to the Australian, New Zealand, American, Canadian and Asian markets.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles[edit]

BCI 6120 Diesel Electric Hybrid Bus

In response global warming, BCI has been at the forefront of the public transport industry in Australia. BCI created innovative diesel and electric hybrid vehicles, to work towards reducing carbon emissions. A BCI 6120 hybrid was the first commercially sold hybrid vehicle in Australia.[1]

In reference to the company's environmentally friendly diesel and electric buses, Allen Matzel of ABC Magazine explains that the BCI Hybrid System produces less carbon dioxide, less nitrous oxides and less particulates. He states "BCI Australia has invested with Eaton Corporation, USA, to offer a superior hybrid system".[2]

The BCI Hybrid technology is inexpensive compared to other manufacturers and does not require large capital expenditure to maintain and service. The combination of cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness is reflective of the BCI slogan 'Building a World of Difference'.

The BCI PROMA electric was the winner of the B.A.A.V Best New Energy Bus at the 2009 AsiaWorld Bus Expo.[3]


CountryLink BCI 6125 (ISM) coach operated by Makeham's Coaches

BCI has also focussed on the development of improved bus and coach transport designs tailored for passengers with disabilities. These vehicles have been employed by State governments in Australia[4] and offer improved wheelchair accessibility.[5]

BCI cooperates with a wide range of internationally recognised and high quality parts suppliers, including Eaton, Caterpillar Inc. and Cummins.


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