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Logo of BIHAMK.png
Logo of BIHAMK
Founded 1946.
Type The Automobile Association
Focus Road Safety Research
Origins Bosanskohercegovačko automobilističko društvo
Area served
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Road assistance in BiH
Traffic info call-services (1282)

Technical assistance to drivers
Method Campaign
c. 29,343

BIHAMK Road assistance
BIHAMK Touring offices

BIHAMK Technical Center
Member of FIA, AIT, FIM, EuroRAP and ARC Europe

BIHAMK or Bosanskohercegovački auto-moto klub (in English: Bosnia and Herzegovina Automobile and Motorcycle Club), as one of the three main Bosnian motoring clubs (along with AAMKBIH and AMSRS) is a local equivalent to the American AAA or British AA. BIHAMK continues the tradition of Bosnia-car racing-motorcycle association (Bosanskohercegovačko automobilističko društvo) founded 7 February 1946 and the Automobile Association of BiH (Auto-moto savez BiH) founded in 1947.

BIHAMK plays a special role in the field of public information about the condition of the roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1] It also provides technical assistance to drivers, issues International Driving Permits and other such documents for Bosnian drivers and publishes informative tourist brochures and maps for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe.

BIHAMK works in the field of traffic prevention and education, monitoring road safety, suggesting methodological improvements to relevant authorities and producing various manuals in the field of accident prevention notably.

The club enjoys reciprocal membership with many other European and international motoring clubs and encourages the development and improvement of motorsport within the international rules and norms.

International membership[edit]

BIHAMK is a full member of:

  • FIA - Fédération Internationale de l' Automobile
  • AIT - Alliance Internationale de Tourisme
  • FIM - Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
  • EuroRAP - European Road Assessment organisation (since 2006.)
  • ARC Europe - European Association of motoring clubs ( since 2007. participate in „Show your Card“ programme)

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